Vash Gon – Jicarilla Chief, Bronze Bas Relief

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Dimensions: 19-3/4” x 9-3/4” x 1” at thickest point and ½” at the thinnest point.



The plaster cast was created by Alfred Lenz in 1906 and it was modeled after one of Curtis’ photographs, Vash Gon – Jicarilla, from 1904. After Curtis commissioned the artist for bronzes, Curtis gifted them to his children and grandchildren, and also sent them to special patrons, including one to J.P. Morgan. “Several of my friends, from time to time, asked for something in the way of a Curtis Indian that could be used, perhaps, in a more general decorative way than a photograph…,” Curtis wrote to Morgan in 1906. “Thinking that you might have a place where you could use a plaque of this kind, and particularly owing to your interest in the work, I am taking the liberty of sending you one of the plaques with my compliments I can only add that I hope you will be pleased with it.”

Cardozo was inspired by this story and hired a sculptor to create this beautiful bronze of Vash Gon.


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