Dedicated to the Legacy and Preservation of Edward Curtis

Edward Curtis Was An Artist, Photographer, Messenger, Witness, Multi-Culterist, Environmentalist,

Ethnographer, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Publisher, Auter, Filmmaker,  Multi-media presenter, Businessman,

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Leader, Salesman, Creator, Humanist, Innovator

An Oasis in The Badlands, 1905 – Portfolio 3, Plate 80


This classic Curtis image was made in the heart of the renowned badlands of South Dakota. The subject is red Hawk, the Dakota leader, who is born in 1854. He participated in his first war party in 1865 with Crazy Horse, against U.S. Army troops. He was a fierce warrior and ultimately engaged in 20 battles, including the Custer battle in 1876. Red Hawk, sits majestically, astride his white stallion, while it drinks from a small pool on a vast Prairie in the Badlands. He wears a full war bonnet of eagle feathers, a beautifully beaded and fringed war-shirt, beaded leggings, and heavily beaded moccasins. He carries a carbine, and his horse wears large eagle feathers, both on its mane and forelock. The image and the subject project an unusual combination of strength and calmness in the dramatic, iconic Landscape.

Christopher Cardozo On the Work of Edward Curtis

Christopher Cardozo several years ago delivered a captivating lecture at the Trout Museum, which was featured on PBS Wisconsin. As an expert on the works of Edward S. Curtis, Cardozo delved into the profound cultural and historical significance of Curtis’ photography. He is seen highlighting the meticulous processes Curtis used to capture the lives and traditions of Native American communities in the early 20th century. Cardozo’s presentation is enriched with rare insights and anecdotes, making it an enlightening experience for attendees and viewers alike. His dedication in his lifetime to preserving and promoting Curtis’ legacy shone through, providing a deep appreciation for this remarkable body of work.




Between 1900 and 1930, Edward Curtis traveled deep into Indian territories and lived among dozens of Native tribes. He captured the authentic ways of life of over 80 Native cultures, producing over 40,000 glass plate negatives, 10,000 wax cylinder recordings, 4,000 pages of anthropological text, and a feature-length film. His dedication culminated in the production of  The North American Indian, the most extensive and expensive photographic project ever undertaken.   Learn More …

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The Potter (Nampeyo) - Hopi, 1906

Mastered from vintage, original source materials, these contemporary fine art photographs

are individually produced to emulate the texture and color of the original Curtis photogravures.

Four sizes are available, with prices starting at $185.

Mammoth Prints

Mosa - Mohave


Contemporary 60 x 40″ format prints of some of Curtis’ most iconic and sought-after images, printed onto a 100% cotton watercolor paper.

1 size 60″ x 40″ 

Mammoth Print ~ Bear’s Belly – Arikara, 1904.


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Christopher Cardozo has authored and edited nine books devoted to Edward Curtis over the last 25 years, featuring many of his rarest and previously unseen images. Illuminating and erudite text by significant contributors complement each publication.

Edward Curtis’ – The North American Indian

The Custom Limited-Edition

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This is the first time since the original publication, that a high-quality, artisanal republication has been available. Each Custom Edition Set presents Curtis’ magnum opus in its entirety: 2,234 photographs, 2,500,000 words and transcriptions of Native language and music.

The North American Indian is a landmark in publishing history. It is a rich, comprehensive, and definitive record of over eighty North American tribal groups. Nothing else like it exists.

Our Republication is finely crafted, with enhanced readability and created with the finest materials and state-of-the-art image quality. It may be the largest republication project in North American publishing history.

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The North American Indian

The Complete Reference Edition

The more affordable re-creation of Edward Curtis’ original masterpiece, the Complete Reference Edition
is finished with a hardcover and printed on archival, acid-free Finch Opaque paper.