Vash Gon, 1904


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Vash Gon - Jicarilla, 1904 / c.1904
This has been one of Curtis’ most sought-after and celebrated portraits for over one hundred years. Curtis often incorporated aesthetics from the Pictorialist movement into his photographs and this portrait is a prime example. The narrowed format, the softened focus, strong and dramatic lighting, and simplified composition all enhance this classic and iconic image. This was obviously one of Curtis’ favorite images as he exhibited it widely, used it to illustrate articles, and printed it in at least four different photographic processes. Today it remains a highly desirable image, particularly in the goldtone medium..

  • Photographed in 1908
  • Produced using the original glass plate negative, and Curtis' preferred print process
  • Luminosity and three-dimensionality, unequaled by any other photographic medium
  • Limited edition with a certificate of authenticity
  • Available in two sizes
  • Ready to hang
    14″ x 17″ – $3500
    18″ x 22″ – $6000

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14 x 17”, 18 x 22”

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