Chief Joseph


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Note: Due to the unavailability of critical, propriety materials, we anticipate only being able to complete, on average, 15% – 20% of projected editions of the Goldtones. (Please note, with a small number of the most popular and iconic images we hope to complete 40% – 100% of the projected edition.)

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Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce is still widely considered to be one of the most important and noble tribal leaders of the 19th century. He became close friends with Edward Curtis and this friendship was critical in Curtis’ later success in gaining the trust of numerous other tribes.  Joseph’s pride and nobility and the tragedies that he and his people suffered are all evident on his face.  After eluding the U.S. Calvary for nearly two years he was finally subdued and thereupon uttered his famous words, “I will fight no more forever…”  This image is extremely rare as a vintage goldtone and an 11 x 14” example sold in 2001 for over $60,000.

  • Photographed in 1908
  • Produced using the original glass plate negative, and Curtis’ preferred print process
  • Luminosity and three-dimensionality, unequaled by any other photographic medium
  • Limited edition with a certificate of authenticity
  • Available in three sizes
  • Ready to hang

8 x 10″ – $1500
14″ x 17″ – $3500  

18″ x 22″ – $7500

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8 x 10", 14 x 17”, 18 x 22”

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