Two Strike – Sioux, 1907 – Vintage Curtis

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Artist: Edward S. Curtis
Title: Two Strike – Sioux
Medium: Photogravure, Dutch Van Gelder
Portfolio III, Plate 78
Negative Date: 1907
Print Date: c.1907
Paper Size: 22” x 18” (55.8cm x 45.7cm)
Image Size: 15.75” x 10.75” (40cm x 27.3cm)
Inv. #: CCI 7372

This original photogravure is in excellent condition. It is an excellent impression, a fine example of the photogravure process. This photogravure was professionally washed and de-acidified to restore it to its original archival state and beauty.

This original vintage photogravure is printed on a fine Dutch Van Gelder etching stock, handmade in Holland one hundred years ago. This is an expensive, heavyweight, etching stock selected by Curtis and J.P. Morgan specifically for Curtis’ North American Indian project.