Taos Water Girls, 1905 – 150th Anniversary Edition Goldtone



Art Work Description

Taos is the northernmost of all the Native American Pueblos. It is located in present-day New Mexico and was first visited by outsiders in 1540. The Pueblo had already been occupied for centuries at that time. The young women in the photograph are carrying water back to their pueblo in beautiful traditional jars. The trees on either side of them are cottonwoods, which are often found near mountain streams in the southwest. The brilliant sky contrasted with the deep, rich foreground makes this image in the goldtone medium unusually compelling and three-dimensional.Produced using Curtis’ original glass plate negative

  • Beautiful, historic imagery
  • Luminosity and three-dimensionality that is unequaled by any other photographic medium
  • Edward Curtis’ favorite printing process
  • Limited edition with a certificate of authenticity
  • Two sizes available in two frame choices
  • Framed and ready to hang