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Edward Curtis wrote in The North American Indian page 203 Volume XIX:

“When I listened to the white teacher, he told us of a new God; said there was but one God and that he was in his church and not anywhere else. Then my heart was sad. For a long time I thought about that white man’s God. Then my heart told me that it was not a new God all in one church, but, as our fathers taught us, the Universal Spirit was everywhere, and that what the preacher was telling us of his God was only the all-present Spirit which we knew so well. When I tried to tell the preacher that my heart was glad, that I now understood his God was the same as ours, then my friend the missionary became angry and told me not to think of the Spirit Over All but to pray to God.” … Peyotism offers that which includes his inherent beliefs and the white man’s teachings in so far as he can grasp them.



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