Medicine Crow – Apsaroke, 1908 – 150th Anniversary Edition Goldtone



Art Work Description

Medicine Crow is a classic Northern Plains male portrait. Medicine Crow was an Apsaroke warrior from Montana. Curtis was particularly fond of the Apsaroke people as their culture was still largely intact and they were fierce warriors and a proud people.The hawk fastened to Medicine Crow’s head is illustrative of the manner of wearing the symbol of one’s tutelary spirit. The Apsaroke believed that all success in life was attributed to one’s spirit guardian and that it inhabited only the soul of a worthy person. The large areas of light tonality make this a particularly beautiful Goldtone.

  • Produced using Curtis’ original glass plate negative
  • Beautiful, historic imagery
  • Luminosity and three-dimensionality that is unequaled by any other photographic medium
  • Edward Curtis’ favorite printing process
  • Limited edition with a certificate of authenticity
  • Two sizes available in two frame choices
  • Framed and ready to hang