Kutenai Duck Hunter


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Photographed in 1910, this photograph was taken on Flathead Lake in Northern Montana and the Native American pictured is from the Kutenai tribe. The Kutenai were semi-nomadic and occupied portions of southeastern British Columbia, northern Idaho, and northwestern Montana, moving seasonally to follow food sources. The Kutenai usually crafted their canoes of pine bark, but as illustrated here, occasionally made canoes of fresh elk hides stretched over a framework of fir strips. This photograph was taken in the early morning as a hunter crouched down in his canoe waiting to catch waterfowl.

This large, archival print was created using a high-resolution scan from an original Curtis photogravure. Before scanning, each vintage photogravure is professionally conserved to restore the print to its original appearance and fidelity. Using pigment-based inks, to ensure archival stability, the image is printed onto special mould-made, fiber-based, acid-free watercolor paper. This process ensures that each image is faithfully created to the original intent of Edward S. Curtis.


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