A Son of the Desert, 1904 – 150th Anniversary Edition




“In the early morning this boy, as if springing from the earth itself, came to the author’s desert camp. Indeed, he seemed a part of the very desert. His eyes bespeak all the curiosity, all the wonder of his primitive mind striving to grasp the meaning of the strange things about him.” Edward Curtis, 1906

This is widely regarded as one of Curtis’ most compelling portraits. The Goldtone process brings added depth and richness to this beautiful portrait of a young Navaho boy.

  • Produced using Curtis’ original glass plate negative
  • Beautiful, historic imagery
  • Luminosity and three-dimensionality that is unequaled by any other photographic medium
  • Edward Curtis’ favorite printing process
  • Limited edition with a certificate of authenticity
  • Two sizes available in two frame choices
  • Framed and ready to hang