Girl and Jar (Sunflower) – San Ildefonso, 1905


Christopher Cardozo Fine Art is pleased to announce an important offering of Edward S. Curtis platinum/palladium prints. A decade of research, experimentation, international exhibitions, and critical feedback has culminated the creation of these stunning prints. Seven of Curtis’ most iconic images have been selected for this special offering. These archival, museum quality fine art prints are created from our private archive of vintage Curtis glass-plate negatives using a variety of proprietary techniques and processes. Prototypes of these platinum/palladium prints have been exhibited in over fifty countries, and on every continent but Antarctica.

No Expense was spared in creating these extraordinary platinum/palladium prints. After years of experimentation and research, we have now achieved a rich, warm sepia tonality that echoes Curtis’ aesthetic and vision. We have chosen a mixture of platinum and palladium, both noble metals, for creating these prints. Including palladium, which is nearly identical to platinum, produces a much warmer tonality when properly processed. This historic, time-consuming and expensive printing process has rarely been used in the last century. Platinum/palladium prints are treasured for their photographic beauty and archival permanence by collectors and connoisseurs.

We have worked closely with Twin Rocker; a decades-old, boutique custom paper-maker, to source a beautiful, heavyweight hand-crafted paper that is similar to the double-weight artist’s paper used by Curtis a century ago. Twin Rocker combines many centuries-old techniques with a number of modern innovations. This quality of hand-made, archival paper is rarely produced today.

The mastering process has been exhaustive. Each image has gone through countless iterations over the past decade. As the materials or techniques have improved, we have improved the aesthetic quality of the prints. Christopher Cardozo has been involved at every stage and Master Printers, Peter Bernardy, and Brad Miller are responsible for actually creating the prints. This trio has worked together for over a decade and has always adhered to the core principle that our prints should aesthetically and archivally be at the level of the top 1-2% of Curtis’ vintage prints.