Drawing on our archive of over three thousand original Curtis photographs we have chosen to create a very select group of Curtis’ most iconic and sought after images in a unique format. Printed in an oversized, “Mammoth” format these prints are created to dramatically portray some of Curtis’ most engaging images.

We use an ultra-high resolution scan made from an original Edward S. Curtis photograph.  Prior to scanning, each vintage photograph chosen for this project was professionally conserved to restore the print to its original beauty and appearance.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the image is then optimized for printing.  Using pigment-based inks to ensure archival stability, the image is printed onto Saunders Waterford, 100% cotton watercolor paper, produced in Wells, England at St. Cuthbert’s Mill.  This process ensures that each print is created to the highest aesthetic standards attainable.


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Mammoth Print | Kutenai Duck Hunter, 1910

Mammoth Print | Qahatika Girl, 1908

Mammoth Print | Canyon de Chelly Navaho,-1904

Mammoth Print | Bear’s Belly – Arikara, 1904

Mammoth print | An Oasis in the Badlands Sioux, 1905

Mammoth Print | Taos Water Girls, 1905

Mammoth print | Mosa-Mohave,1904

Mammoth Print | The Blanket Weaver – Navaho, 1904

Mammoth Prints Print Inspection– Peter Bernardy, Master Printer

Mammoth Prints ~ Embossing

Mammoth Prints ~ Final Preparations