Original Glass Plate Negatives Printed With Historic Ink Formulas On Acid-Free, Woven, Mould Made Paper.
Artist and master printmaker Steven Anderson is the creator of our beautiful contemporary photo-lithographs. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Rockefeller Fellowship. He has also collaborated with over 100 artists including Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe & William Wegman. His prints have been exhibited in over 2,000 exhibits including The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney, The National Gallery, The MET, MOCA & LACMA.

We use Edward Curtis’ original glass plate negative and a proprietary planographic process, which utilizes a variable range, multi-plate black and tone color technique. Each print required six separate impressions comprising of four blacks, a tone color, and a select varnish application. Ancient ink formulas are custom manufactured in France, and an acid-free, heavy weight, woven, mould made paper is custom produced in England. The oversize print measures 21 x 27″ and is hand-embossed with a facsimile of Curtis’ signature. Each print is numbered on the lower left corner margin, directly below the image.

Lithograph ~ Canyon De Chelly –Navaho, 1904

Canyon De Chelly—Navaho, 1904  |  $2,500

Lithograph ~ Rush Gatherer, 1910

Rush Gatherer, 1910  |  $1,250

Lithograph ~The Three Chiefs, 1923

The Three Chiefs, 1923  |  $1,250

Lithograph ~ An Oasis In The Badlands Sioux, 1905

An Oasis In The Badlands Sioux, 1905  |  $850

Photo-Lithograph ~ Vanishing Race, 1904

Vanishing Race, 1904  |  $850

Lithograph ~ Crater Lake, 1923

Crater Lake, 1923  |  $850