Goldtones – 150th Anniversary Edition

Classic, Luminous & Enduring

The Goldtone Process

The goldtone process is an extremely rare form of photographic printing and our Goldtones™ are created from Curtis’ original negatives in strictly limited editions. This 150th Anniversary Edition Goldtone was created with a proprietary process that was perfected by Cardozo Fine Art. Because we use only Curtis’ original negatives our Goldtones™ are “contemporary original prints”, not reproductions. The Goldtone, or “Orotone”, process was pioneered by Edward S. Curtis over 100 years ago and was his preferred way of producing his photographic images. Of the many processes Curtis worked in, goldtone is generally the most sought-after. Because of their complexity and expense, Curtis printed only about 1 in 1,000 of his negatives as goldtones. Each of our contemporary, limited edition Goldtones™ and frames are the result of over sixty separate, distinct steps. The “Classic” frame, which is a beautiful handcrafted recreation of Curtis’ vintage frames, is custom-made of wood and various traditional materials. More …

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Canyon De Chelly –Navaho, 1904

Chief Joseph–Nez Perce, 1908

Medicine Crow–Apsaroke, 1908

Rush Gatherer–Kutenai, 1910

An Oasis in the Badlands–Sioux, 1905

Crater Lake – Klamath, 1923

At the Old Well –  Acoma, 1904

The Three Chiefs–Piegan, 1900

Taos Water Girls, 1905

Girl And Jar – San Ildefonso, 1905

Before the Storm – Apache, 1906

A Son of the Desert, 1904

Spearing Salmon, 1923

Flathead Camp on the Jocko River, 1910

The Apache, 1906

The Vanishing Race, 1904

Homeward, 1898

The Medicine Man – Slow Bull, 1907

The Oath – Apsaroke, 1908

A Mountain Fastness, 1905