Curated by Christopher Cardozo


One Hundred Masterworks is an extraordinary selection of vintage photographs by Edward S. Curtis, which highlights both iconic and previously little known images, the majority printed in Curtis’ most compelling and rare processes. The prints are among the finest examples that exist and, in some cases, will be the only known example of a particular image. Every style, subject matter, cultural/geographic area, and medium Curtis worked in will be included. The collection from which this exhibition is drawn comprises over 3,000 vintage Curtis photographs and related objects.

The exhibition will showcase prints created in seven different photographic print mediums and will be complemented by objects and other ephemera that will both contextualize and enrich the masterworks. The different print mediums include photogravure, platinum, goldtone, toned and un-toned gelatin silver, cyanotype, and gold-toned printing-out paper prints, and the majority of the photographs will be the rarer, seldom seen, mediums. Aesthetically the prints are of a consistently high level, heretofore unseen in vintage Curtis exhibitions.

Over one hundred years ago, Edward Curtis (born in 1868) set out on a monumental quest to make an unprecedented, comprehensive record of the North American Indian. He produced 40,000-50,000 photographs of Native peoples. The culmination of his project was the creation of his magnum opusThe North American Indian, a twenty-volume, twenty-portfolio set of handmade books. Curtis’ core mission was to safeguard and preserve their ‘sacred legacy’ for future generations by creating a permanent record of their lives in photographs, film, sound, and text. Today this work stands as a landmark in the history of photography, book publishing, ethnography, and the history of the American West. Viewed in its entirety, Curtis’ work presents an historical record of enormous and irreplaceable importance. More …


Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, OH
June 12-September 20, 2015

Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa
October 10 2015-January 17, 2016

Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
February 20-May 29, 2016

Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
June 18-September 18, 2016

Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, Florida

October 11-December 31, 2016

Palm Springs Art Museum Opening 2016 – Brandow, MacMillian, Cardozo

Palm Springs Art Museum Opening 2016 – The Gallery

Palm Springs Art Museum – Opening 2016 | EDWARD CURTIS: ONE HUNDRED MASTERWORKS


Curated by Christopher Cardozo

This is a unique photographic exhibition created expressly for the United States Department of State. The principal purpose of this sixty-print exhibition is to celebrate our Native peoples and their history and culture, as well as, the beauty and power of Edward Curtis’ photography. The Exhibition illustrates the broad and extraordinary diversity among the North American tribes and pays homage to the famed photographer/ ethnographer Edward S. Curtis. The Exhibition is also designed to attract and create a positive dialogue among widely diverse populations throughout the world. These goals have been achieved by creating an exhibition of Curtis’ photographs that can easily travel throughout a variety of venues. Each Exhibition promises sixty museum-quality fine art photographic prints, didactic panels, ephemera reproductions, and a film by Anne Makepeace that focuses on Curtis’ work and its relationship to contemporary Native Americans. All didactic panels, ephemera reproductions and virtually all prints in the exhibitions have been created specifically for these exhibitions. Most prints are created using extremely rare processes originally employed by Curtis for his most prized (and expensive) prints. Because of the factors enumerated below, this Exhibition is considered a radical improvement upon any previous exhibitions of non-vintage Curtis photographs.

All work included in this Exhibition is drawn from the archive of the personal collection of Christopher Cardozo. This is the largest and most broad-ranging Curtis collection in the world. Mr. Cardozo is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on Edward Curtis and his photography. He has authored eight books and lectured internationally on Curtis. From his archive of over 4,000 vintage Curtis prints, Mr. Cardozo has selected sixty of Curtis’ most compelling and evocative images. Each image has been printed in a size and medium intended to most fully enhance the impact of object. The images are representative of the diverse cultural geographic regions in which Curtis photographed and illustrate Curtis’ artistry in portrait, landscape and still life photography.

The prints are extremely faithful to the look, feel, dimensions, etc. of Curtis’ original, vintage prints. Wherever possible Mr. Cardozo’s personal archive of original Curtis negatives were used as the source for creating the exhibition prints. Where the negatives were not available, the highest quality vintage prints from Cardozo’s collection were used as the source for generating the new prints. In many cases these vintage prints are unique. Mr. Cardozo’s company, Curtis Centennial Project, Inc., copyrights the prints in the exhibition and each venue is permitted to freely use the imagery for education and promotional purposes.

Visitors at the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul Korea

Ambassador Thomas Robertson,  Slovene Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Arowhenua children, Aigantighe Art Museum in Timaru, New Zealand

Sacred Legacy Past Exhibitions


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Croatia Azgreb February ’07 Coration Academy of Sciences and Arts
Croatia Zadar March ’07
Denmark Odense November ’06 Brandst Museet for Fotokunst
Germany Cologne Fall ’09
Germany Munich Summer ’09
Greece Athens December ’06
Greece Thessoloniki November ’06
Hungary Budapest June ’08 Millenáris Red and Black Gallery
Hungary Budapest June ’09
Ireland Dublin December ’06 Gallery of Photography
Ireland Inis Oirr March ’07 Art Centre
Italy Bari Fall ’06
Italy Foiano June ’06 Photography Festival
Italy Genoa December ’05 Museo delle Culture del Mondo
Moldova Chinisau June ’06
Poland Warsaw May ’06 The State Ethnographical Museum
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Ukraine Dnipropetrovs March ’06 Yavornytskyi Historical Museum
Ukraine Kyiv January ’10 Ivan Honchar Museum
Ukraine Lviv February 10 Lviv Ethnographic Museum

Central America

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Guatemala Quetzaltenango & Antigua September ’06
Guatemala Guatemala City October ’06 Guatemala binational center
Honduras San Pedro Sula April ’07
Honduras Tegucigalpa May ’06
Nicaragua Managua June ’06

South America

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Argentina Buenos Aires October ’06
Brazil Brasilia December ’08 Caixa Cultural
Brazil Curtiba February ’09 Caixa Cultural
Brazil Rio de Janeiro May ’09 Caixa Cultural
Brazil Salvador July ’09 Caixa Cultural
Brazil Sao Paulo March ’09 Caixa Cultural
Chile Santiago February ’09 National History Museum-Plaza de Armas
Columbia Bogota November ’05 Centro Colombo Americano de Bogota
Colombia Cali December ’05 Museo la Merced
Paraguay Paraguay August ’06 Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano
Paraguay Paraguay April ’06 Museo la Merced
Peru Arequipa July ’06 BNC:Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano
Peru Chiclavo June ’06 BNC Gallery: Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano
Peru Lima, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Arequipa May ’06 Galeria Pancho Fierro
Peru Trujillo June ’06 BNC Gallery: Centro Peruano American El Cultural
Venezuela Caracas March ’06 Centro Cultural Corp Banca


Country City Dates Location
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo & Santiago November ’06 Two cultural centers in Santiago

North America

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Mexico Cancun October ’06
Mexico Meridia July ’06 Palacio Canton
Mexico Oaxaca March ’07
Mexico Pachuca December ’07 Fototeca Nacional
Mexico San Luis Potosi March ’08
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Mexico Veracruz September ’07
Mexico Villahermosa April ’06 Galeria del Palacio de Gobierno
Mexico Xalapa September ’07
Mexico Zacatecas June ’08


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South Africa Capetown December ’09
South Africa Durban January ’10
South Africa Grahamstown May ’10
South Africa Kimberly March ’10
South Africa Pretoria February ’10


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China Beijing June ’07 National Library DaShanZi Art Gallery
China Chengdu April ’07 Municipal Library
China Guangzhou March ’07 Museum of Art
China Hong Kong February ’08 The University of Hong Kong
China Shanghai May ’07 Municipal Library
Korea Seoul September ’11 Sejong Art Center
Philippines Baguio May ’07 SM City Baguio
Philippines Davao April ’07 SM City Davao
Philippines Manila March ’07 Mall of Asia
Singapore Jurong East October ’07 Jurong Regional Library
Taiwan Kaohsuing January ’08 Kaojsiung Museum of History
Taiwan Taichung October ’07 National Museum of Natural Science
Taiwan Taipei September ’07 National Taiwan Museum
Taiwan taitung December ’07 National Museum of Prehistory
Thailand Bangkok June ’07 TK Park, Central World
Thailand Chiang Mai September ’07 Lanna Architecture Center

New Zealand

Country City Dates Location
New Zealand Wellington April ’07


Country City Dates Location
Australia Sydney September ’08 Sydney College of the Arts