Deluxe Slipcase Edition  

Author Christopher Cardozo is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading Curtis expert.

He has curated a groundbreaking monograph on Curtis’ magnum opus: The North American Indian. This extensive photographic portrait of Native Americans is a crucial contribution to the history of America’s Native peoples, expressing the spirit of over eighty distinct tribal groups.

In creating One Hundred Masterworks, Cardozo worked from an unmatched private archive of rare and unique Curtis original, vintage photographs, giving the reader an unprecedented look at his extensive personal collection.

Every style, subject matter, cultural and geographic area, and print medium Curtis worked in is included. Creating a unique visual mosaic, the photographs give the viewer a deep, rich understanding of Curtis’s accomplishments as an artist, while exploring the crucial role the Native American participants played in co-creating this iconic body of work.

Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks by Christopher Cardozo (Author), A.D. Coleman (Contributor), Eric Jolly (Contributor), Michael Tobias (Contributor), Louise Erdrich(Contributor)