Playmates - Apsaroke, 1905

Playmates – Apsaroke, 1905

Educational and Community Outreach

The Multi-Disciplinary Education Project [2016 onward]

This project allows schoolchildren, adults, and Native people to create their own photographs of Curtis’ imagery, as well as photographs of themselves and their communities. We will provide cyanotype kits (negatives; cultural, biographical, historical and scientific information; pre-sensitized paper; and/or digital equipment). This project will engage students in explorations of science, history, art, photography, and culture. This has the potential to be instituted throughout the country.

Sacred Legacy® Programs

Educational Programs Inspired By the Work and Life of Edward Curtis

Some years ago I purchased a Curtis photograph … It struck me with such force that tears came to me eyes. I felt that I was looking into a memory in my blood. Curtis’ photographs comprehend indispensable images of every human being, at every time and place.
– N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer prize-winning Native American Author

Cardozo Fine Arts now offers unique, engaging, and compelling Sacred Legacy® educational programs that are inspired by work and life of famed photographer Edward Curtis.  The curriculum for each program can be customized for the respective audience.  Sacred Legacy® programs integrate modern technologies, current learning techniques, Native American wisdom, and the iconic artwork of Edward Curtis.  Our goal in each Sacred Legacy® session is to dramatically improve participants’ well-being and instill a renewed sense of wonder. More …