Dancing Star Foundation President and CEO, global ecologist, anthropologist, historian, explorer, author and filmmaker.

Dr. Michael Charles Tobias is a renowned global ecologist whose field research has taken him to over 90 countries where he has worked in ecological anthropology, biocultural ethics, and large scale biodiversity conservation, focusing on the future prospects for biological evolution. His nearly 50 books and more than 170 films have been read and broadcast throughout the world. Recipient of the Courage of Conscience Prize and countless other awards, he is a passionate advocate for interspecies equity, animal liberation and non-violence.

Dr. Tobias’s presentation “The Ten Billion Hypothesis: Ecology, Non-Violence and Humanity’s Choices” will examine global sustainability, demographic pressure points and the human consumption crisis. He will be premiering in Mexico his UN Rio+20 Summit film on Yasuni National Park, as well as sharing a powerful array of imagery from throughout the world that goes to the heart of the human paradox, as well as our species’ capacity for ensuring a viable and compassionate future.

Dr. Michael Charles Tobias