Sacred Legacy 1st Edition, 1st Printing  |  $175

Sacred Legacy

Sacred Legacy: Edward S. Curtis And The North American Indian
N.Scott Momaday
Photography, at its best, is authentic art, an expression of the creative imagination informed by an original perception of the world. It is said that the camera, by virtue of its very presence, alters reality. Too often a photograph is simply the static record of an image—an object, a figure, a place—in bare definition. A photograph commonly records a facade, the surface of a moment, a nick of geologic time. And as such it is necessarily a distortion, a kind of visible plane beyond which we cannot see. But in the hands of an extraordinary artist the camera can penetrate to a deeper level.   More …

Out of print. Available exclusively through Christopher Cardozo Fine Art.

Sacred Legacy Deluxe Edition with original photograph | $1250

Sacred Legacy – Deluxe Clamshell Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Sacred Legacy includes your choice of one limited edition palladium print produced from Edward Curtis’ original glass plate negatives. The 6.75″x8.5″ hand-coated, warm toned palladium with border print, a presentation that Curtis used in less than one in one thousand of his master exhibition prints, were created by master printers Daniel Beers and Peter Bernardy of Curtis Centennial Editions in St. Paul, Minnesota. Five images were selected especially for this edition. The print choices include: The Vanishing Race – Navaho”, “Chief Joseph – Nez Perce”, “An Oasis in the Badlands – Sioux”, “The Three Chiefs – Piegan” and “Canon de Chelly – Navaho. The prints and all materials in the print presentation folio were produced with archival materials to archival standards.

This book is available in a limited edition of 750.

Sacred Legacy Custom Edition | $175

Sacred Legacy – Slip Cased Limited Edition Linen

Printed to exacting standards in an oversized format, Sacred Legacy showcases nearly two hundred of Curtis’s photographic masterpieces. This groundbreaking new look at Curtis’s photography is drawn entirely from the private collection of Christopher Cardozo and contains many previously unseen examples of Curtis’s most beautiful and rare images. Sacred Legacy is now available in a beautiful Slipcased Limited Edition exclusively through Curtis Centennial Editions.

Native Nations 1st edition, 1st printing | $175

Native Nations multi-award winning book

Available signed by author
Native Nations is a magnificent distillation of the best of photographer / ethnographer / adventurer Edward S. Curtis’s landmark twenty-volume study of the Indian peoples of North America. Here now, the finest examples of Curtis’s work have been brought together in one volume by the renowned Curtis expert, Christopher Cardozo. They are magnificently reproduced as quadratones to an unprecedented standard of fidelity by the world’s authority on printing technologies, Richard Benson. Native Nations is an oversized coffee table book of 160 pages and 110 quadratone plates. Read the Forward – George P. Horse Capture


Out of print. Available exclusively through Christopher Cardozo Fine Art.

Mini Book Set, Volumes 1- 4  | $65

Mini Book Set Complete Set,
Volumes 1 – 4

Each four-book set contains over 200 powerful images, most never seen before by general viewers, including several rare images from Christopher Cardozo’s personal collection which, until now, have remained unknown even to Curtis scholars. These are the first Curtis books ever produced where each title focuses on one of Curtis’ great themes, thereby giving the viewer a deeper understanding of his work.

This 4-book set highlights four of Curtis’ greatest themes. Available exclusively through Christopher Cardozo Fine Art. Very Limited Supplies Remain!
Out of print. Available exclusively through Christopher Cardozo Fine Art.

Great Warriors | $125

Great Warriors

Forward: Hartman H. Lomawaima
Every day, perhaps every hour of the day, someone in the world discovers the photography of Edward S. Curtis.  My introduction to examples of Curtis’ photogravures came in 1974.  I was living in Palo Alto, California at the time and met a gentleman who owned a small business doing bookbinding.  He was a master at his craft and always had plenty to do.  He called me one day to say that he had taken in two portraits of “Indian Chiefs” from a customer in exchange for binding services. I went to see the photographs and was smitten.  One was of Slow Bull, an Oglala leader and the other, Shot In the Hand, an Apsaroke leader. More …


Deluxe Slipcase Edition | Limited Prepublication Offer:  $265

Deluxe Slipcase Edition | Limited Prepublication Offer: $265
A July 2017 delivery date

This exquisite new edition showcases Edward Curtis’ most compelling and important works as well as his most iconic and rarely seen images. Curtis’ artistry and mastery of photographic mediums is seen as never before outside museum exhibitions.

One Hundred Masterworks was one of the most heralded and sumptuously created photography books of 2016. The Deluxe Slipcase Edition of One Hundred Masterworks features a luxury cloth cover with a hand-inset image. It is housed in a luxury cloth slipcase, stamped with Edward Curtis’ signature in gold foil; truly a stunning book for Curtis, fine art photography and book collectors. Never before have Curtis’ images been presented with such fidelity and power in book form.

Each elegant book will also include a custom-produced photographic print, to be chosen by the purchaser. The prints are created using a state-of-the-art capture of a vintage, original Edward Curtis print, exactly as it was done for the book.  Each print is archival and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The total Edition size is 175.

Available in Summer of 2017, only 25 of the Deluxe Slipcase Editions are being offered for the prepublication price of $265. The remaining 150 books will be sold at the full price of $350. More …



Showcasing Edward Curtis’s most compelling and important works, this beautiful publication highlights both iconic and rarely seen images, demonstrating his artistry and mastery of photographic mediums, and his commitment to documenting and preserving for posterity the Native Americans’ traditions and ways of life.  More …

Edward Curtis – The Women

The Women | $125  Sold Out


The Women | Sold Out

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly

Many people may be familiar with Curtis’s iconic photographs of Native American warriors and chiefs, but this beautiful collection from Cardozo, the world’s leading authority on Curtis, presents rarely seen images of Native American women, all dating back to the early 20th century. Some of the images capture women in natural situations, like gathering berries or cradling a baby, but most are posed portraits, with the women staring directly into the camera, their eyes seeming to penetrate the page. Curtis’s photos illuminate the depths of these women’s personalities despite their stoic expressions. As Anne Makepeace writes in her introduction, “some of the women seem to be asking him, what will become of us?