Edward Curtis


Christopher Cardozo Fine Art is pleased to announce a historic recreation of Edward Curtis’ magnum opus, The North American Indian, now available in two masterful editions The Custom Edition and the Complete Reference Edition™

Christopher Cardozo is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on Edward S. Curtis. He is the author of nine monographs on Edward Curtis and has created and curated one-person Curtis exhibitions that have been seen in over one hundred venues, on every continent but Antartica. His personal Curtis collection is currently the subject of a multi-continent traveling exhibition Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks (2015, Prestel). Today, Cardozo spends ever-increasing amounts of time on education, exhibitions, publications and innovative methods of bringing Curtis’ work to new and diverse audiences in new and diverse ways.

Mr. Curtis, because of the singular combination of qualities with which he has been blest, and because of his extraordinary success in making and using his opportunities, has been able to do what no other man has ever done (…) the information that is to be gathered, for the benefit of future generations, respecting the mode of life of one of the great races of mankind, must be collected at once or the opportunity will be lost for all time.

                                                                                                                   – President Theodore Roosevelt


Each Custom Edition Set includes complete, full-size recreations of all twenty original Text Volumes. These quarto-size (12¾ x 9¾”) Volumes comprise 1,511 photographs and illustrations, and 5,023 pages of text,  including extensive transcriptions of  Native languages and music, creating a rich, unique and detailed artistic and ethnographic record of over eighty distinct North American tribal groups.
The photographs, including over thirty in color, are printed one sheet at a time and have a richness that is especially appealing to contemporary readers. The original twenty Portfolios, comprising 723 photogravure plates, are also beautifully reproduced one sheet at a time and are presented in five oversized Portfolio Volumes. Text layout, design, and readability have also been significantly improved throughout.
Fine materials and craftsmanship are evident throughout the Republication Sets. Each Volume and Portfolio Volume is bound in three-quarter bonded leather with archival linen-finished cloth and top edge gilding. The gilt spine stamping on the Portfolio Volumes is a unique design created specifically for the Custom Edition.
The Custom Edition is believed to be the largest republication project in North American publishing history. We are investing over 10,000 hours in research, typesetting, layout, prototyping and proofing. Overall, we expect the completion of the project will require approximately 35,000 hours and we have enlisted specialists in eight diverse fields. Our goal is to create Sets at consistently high level of craftsmanship, improved text layout, and readability, with beautiful reproductions of Curtis’ photographs. The Custom Edition is limited to an edition of 75.


Christopher Cardozo Fine Art is pleased to announce our recreation of Edward S. Curtis’ monumental work, The North American Indian. Each Complete Reference Edition™ Set reproduces Curtis’ magnum opus in its entirety. This is the first time in over a century that a modestly priced, high-quality republication has been available.
The North American Indian is an iconic, landmark publication. It is a rich, unique and detailed artistic and ethnographic record of over eighty North American tribal groups and includes extensive transcriptions of Native languages and music.
All 20 Volumes and 20 Portfolios have been re-created with careful fidelity to the original. This project is believed to be the largest republication project in North American publishing history.
The Complete Reference Edition™ offers a finely crafted alternative to both the original Curtis Sets and our Custom Edition, at less than one-half of 1% of the cost of the original Sets, and less than one-quarter of the cost of the Custom Edition. The Complete Reference Edition™ shares the Custom Edition’s enhanced readability and fidelity to the original content. The content is identical to both the original Sets and the Custom Edition.
By its completion, Cardozo Fine Art will have invested over 35,000 hours in this project, ensuring absolute fidelity to the original.
The Complete Reference Edition™ has leveraged the $200,000+ investment made in the creation of the Custom Edition™, to create a beautifully presented complete set at an extraordinary value.


How much does it cost and what are the payment terms?

Price and Payment Terms: Please call us for details 612.212.7044

Are all original images and text retained?

Yes. In both The Custom Edition™ and Complete Reference Edition™, all 2,234 photographs and 2.5 million words have been retained in this historic recreation of Curtis’ magnum opus.

Are the sets archivally produced?

Yes. Both Editions are made with extremely high-quality materials and with normal care they will last hundreds of years.

How many photographs are there in each set of the Republication?


How many pages of text and transcriptions of language and music?

Over 5,000

How much space does a complete set require?

Custom Edition:  Each of the twenty Volumes average approximately 2” wide by 12 ¾ x 9 ¾”. Each of the five Portfolio Volumes are also approximately 2” wide and are 12 ½” x 15 ½” on the other dimensions. The linear inches required are approximately 50”-55”.

Complete Reference Edition™:   Each Volume is 12 ¾ x 9 ¾ x 2”.  The Portfolio Volumes are 13½ x 9 ¾  x 2”.  The total linear measurement is also 50 – 55”.

Are these limited editions, will they be reprinted?

Complete Reference Edition™ is an open Edition.

The 150th Anniversary Custom Edition is a limited Edition of 75 and will never be reprinted.

The 150th Anniversary of Edward Curtis’ birth is February 16, 2018 and Christopher Cardozo Fine Art is pleased to announce the republication of Edward S. Curtis’ monumental work, The North American Indian.

Both of our Republication Sets – Custom Edition or Complete Reference Edition™ reproduce  Curtis’ magnum opus in its entirety.

  • Twenty Volumes

  • Twenty Portfolios

  • 2,234 photographic prints

  • 5,023 pages of text and over 2,500,000 words and special characters.

The North American Indian is an iconic, landmark publication. Our Republication Editions are intended for institutions and collectors that own original Sets and want greater accessibility and enhanced preservation of their vintage Set and for collectors and institutions that do not currently own Sets who will find both Editions attractive alternatives to the original Sets. Both have enhanced readability, layout and image reproduction.


“In terms of elegance and sumptuousness, what the Cardozo Fine Art team has accomplished can stand alongside the parent edition as a worthy successor thereto. Its sensuous, tactile  qualities  evoke  exactly  the  immersive  experience that Curtis intended to deliver to those who read its texts and engaged with its images. An artisanal landmark, this new edition offers as beautiful an approximation as one can imagine of a hands-on, eyes-on encounter with Curtis’ masterpiece in its original form.”

– A.D. Coleman,  Noted Photographic Critic and Historian   

“A very worthwhile project is being realized with great success, and I am so pleased to be able to promise access to this stunning, modern, yet soon-to-be classic, edition to students and researchers who come to Harvard from all over the world to use our library collections.”

             – Janet Steins, Collections Librarian, Tozzer Library,  Harvard University