The North American Indian Republication

Edward Curtis devoted his life to producing a definitive and unparalleled work, The North American Indian, the most extensive and expensive photographic project ever undertaken. Almost 100 years after the original publication by Edward Curtis, we have republished two complete editions, including his original

  • Twenty Text Volumes
  • Twenty Portfolios
  • 2,234 Photographic Prints
  • 5,023 Pages Of Text
  • Over 2,500,000 Words & Special Characters

The North American Indian Republication was created over a period of four years. It is the largest republication project in North American publishing history, requiring over 10,000 hours of research, typesetting, layout, prototyping, proofing, and over 40,000 hours of specialists across eight diverse fields.


LIMITED EDITION OF 75: $37,500 >

In 2016 we released a Custom Edition, hand-bound in leather, with archival linen-finished paper, and gilded with the highest artisan bookmaking standards. This edition includes all twenty original volumes, over 5,000 pages with extensive transcripts of Native language and music. The twenty portfolios that accompanied the original set are recreated in five oversized portfolio volumes.


OPEN EDITION: $6,500 >

In the summer of 2018, we released the Reference Edition, a more accessibly produced and modestly priced republication version. Slightly smaller, bound in hard cover and digitally printed it includes the full set of 20 volumes, plus 20 additional portfolios assembled into four oversized books. Every word, page and image is included in the Reference Edition, equally crisp, clear, and archival-quality.


The Morgan Library & Museum
Harvard University
The Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley
Little Bighorn College Library