Cardozo Fine Art, St. Paul, MN

Printing images for our historic republication of The North American Indian

Digital Image Mastering


Christopher Cardozo Fine Art (CCFA) Studio has been the leading source for the artwork of Edward S. Curtis for over forty years. During that time it has consistently maintained the world’s largest selection of rare, vintage original Curtis photographs for sale. Cardozo Fine Art has also created the most extensive exhibition program of Curtis photography in history. It is estimated that CCFA/Curtis exhibitions have been seen by more people around the world then all previous Curtis exhibitions combined. These exhibitions have been seen in over forty countries and on every continent but Antarctica. It is estimated that through its books, exhibitions, lectures, and its gallery, CCFA has brought Curtis to well over 10 million people world-wide over the past decade alone.

Christopher Cardozo is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading expert in the work of Edward S. Curtis. Over the past forty-three years he has assembled the world’s most comprehensive collection of vintage original Curtis photographs. Mr. Cardozo is also a fine art photographer whose work with indigenous people is founds in many collections including the Museum of modern Art in New York. Cardozo is the author of two award-winning monographs on Edward S. Curtis: Sacred Legacy; Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian and Native Nations; First Americans as seen by Edward S. Curtis. He also has authored seven other titles on Edward Curtis. Cardozo has lectured on Curtis’ life and art for over thirty years.

For nearly two decades Cardozo Fine Art has also been committed to creating beautiful contemporary original photographs by Edward S. Curtis for exhibition and sale. In creating an unprecedented body of contemporary original Curtis photographs. These photographs are made by master photographic print-makers in the Cardozo Fine Art Studio. These two master printers have nearly twenty years of experience combined, of printing from Curtis’ negatives. The contemporary original prints they have produced have been purchased by individuals internationally and have been included in numerous one-person Curtis exhibitions throughout the world.

Peter Bernardy showing print examples during a studio tour

The first round of editing for our recently published book, Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks

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